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Correct Domain!

While it might be news to some of you, one of the most vital factors to branding your company online has got to be the choice of your domain. According to the expert team of marketers at Domain Marketa in fact, choosing the right domain name will literally make or break your business – so be sure to choose right!

Whether you’re just getting started in a new industry, or you’ve been at it for years and are looking to rebrand your business for the digital space – choosing the right domain with Domain Marketa is vital to the health and wellness of your new business! Essentially, picking the right domain for your brand, is intertwined with naming your company as if it was the first time! Here are some important pieces of advice that can help you and your brand stick out from the crowd!

  • Choosing the Right Extension!
    The fact of the matter is that for any somewhat successful business, looking to grow and scale online – it is vital that you do what you can to obtain the proper web extension, and that means getting yourself a strong dot-com domain name, that is easily recognizable and tied to your business! Not only does this come of more professional overall, but it gives your brand a sense of credibility across the web – from both your competition as well as your future consumer base. Now once you are able to find a solid dot-com extension, do your best to get others as well such as newly issued city-themed extensions, such as the dot-LA or dot-NYC, as these extensions can provide your business with some “cool” local cachet.
  • Make Sure You Can Be Found!
    If not more important that obtaining that dot-com domain extension, it is certainly vital that you observe the three following factors when looking for the right domain name for you and your brand – Spelling, Pronunciation, and Length! Now if any of these three vital categories happens to be off, it is very likely your website as well as your brand in general will struggle quite a bit to be found online! The best advice for a domain name is that it should be easily said within a conversation, and once it is said, individuals should quickly be able to spell it, without the need for any long, drawn-out explanation. Not only that, it should be something that is easily remembered, and in some ways the name should make consumers think of your products or services. And when it comes to the length of your URL, this is almost a domain killer, as longer, more confusing domain names are far more difficult to remember than shorter, more succinct ones – unless of course, the domain is simply just the name of your brand or company, then its not that worrisome, as long as you are known in your industry.
  • Include Keywords!
    As the majority of web designers and developers might know – especially when it comes to launching a new website, it is a strong and important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice to include important keywords within the actual domain name for a leg up on the competition. Importantly, you should only take on this practice if it makes sense, and the keyword(s) you are adding to the domain actually makes some sense as a domain, and it wont completely throw people off. It’s a good exercise, for business owners to ask themselves, Does this keyword encompass the most important element of your business today, tomorrow, and five years from now?